sleep to dream

all right so the raddest dream happened to me. just to keep you informed...everything in my dreams is super dark and desaturated. but this is broken with momentary spotlights of bright color and light. this one was mostly dark and involved a lot of climbing on shelves.

so in the dream, dan and i found a secret passageway through an attic in my closet that led to some other world. we told everybody. we wanted everybody else to see it, but when I tried to explain how to get there no one believed it was possible, because it was totally illogical. it was pretty funny because even while dreaming i was thinking how much the dream was ripping off CS Lewis' story.

So the only way you could get to this land was to climb straight up, stepping on dressers and clothes. as you climb you realize the shelves are turning into earth and you're climbing through the ground and onto a grass field.

When we arrived we stood in this right green field. i looked a couple feet away and there was a huge polar bear walking around. it had to be 20 feet tall. i just stood there and watched it for a while without moving. it was one of those really happy moments when you feel really helpless and small. But it doesn't seem to matter because you're looking at something so amazing, you stop thinking about yourself completely.

anyways it was amazing.