books & books

I just ran across this quote i had written down at some point. i got a new bookcase, and am tracking down various books i've stacked in random places of my room. i didn't think i had this many. Anyways, a paper falls out of a book as i'm putting them all in place. this is what it said...i don't know who wrote it, but it was a really good run-on sentence.

"The Love of God is a delightful & affectionate sense of the divine perfections which makes the soul resign & sacrifice itself wholly unto him, desiring above all things to please him, & delighting in nothing so much as in fellowhip & communion w/ him, & being ready to do or suffer anything for his sake of his pleasure."

I cannot grasp the concept of God's love or grace. it seems too complicated and far too easy. But there's something about it that, when you get the smallest glimpse of His greatness, you can't do anything but love him back. Anything else wouldn't make sense. The more I think about it. It's the only thing that does make sense. Most of life is pretty nonsensical. I don't know that it'd be this exciting if it did make sense all the time.