yaaay projects

so i went home this weekend to visit my parents & make a coffee table with my dad. it's so crazy to see my dad build things. he makes it look so easy. I came up with some idea based off of some mid-century modern bench-styled table i've seen around. it's far too expensive for me in the store, and thought it would be fun to make.

I don't really know much about carpentry, but my dad can pretty much do anything. he's a mechanical engineer - which is code for "everything do-er." i helped a little bit, but went inside for a few minutes. i return to the garage to find he's got some contraption set up to make these steel poles into a "V" shape for the legs of this table. so the project didn't take extremely long, but we ended up making something i'm sooo excited about. i put a varnish on it last night, and it's almost ready to be put back together. yaaaay projects! anyways, this is what it looked like before the varnish.