ode to the commute

just how amazing was the commute this week you ask?

1. Driving home from the gym in the morning. And there's a guy crossing the street, you know as nature intended, on the hugest unicycle i have EVER SEEEEN. i have never seen a unicycle that big. it was taller than all the cars it passed that were stopped at the street light. what was this guy thinking. "oh hooo, i'll just ride my trusty man-bike to work. i'm at the top of the world now. look out everyone, heeyarereeeraaar!"

2. nothing beats sitting in traffic in hollywood when you're stuck behind a reeeeally slow driver. definitely testing your patience. every once in a while there are some gems that make it worth your while. i was stuck behind an old man for about a 1/4 mile. i didn't mind though because he had an amazing cowlick hitting the headliner of his car. it hit a 45 degree angle off to the window like it was stretching for the sunlight. so for 1/4 mile, i wondered how long did he attempt to tame it? the rest of his hair was plastered to his head, and i imagined he had that haircut since the 40s when his mom did his hair.

3. totally caught a ladybug. amazing, right? what's with all this nature in the city? stopped at a light and a ladybug chills out on my windshield. oh and then i'm giving the dude a voice and he had some sort of attitude about the world. all i could think was, "oh maaaaan. i am soooo lucky!!!"