i love documentaries. esp on artists - but only the good ones. it's so interesting seeing how other artists work. It's often an awesome thing seeing where they get their inspiration & the progression of how their skills develop. i watched another biography on andy warhol. i feel like i've seen 5 of them, and this managed to surprise me with some facts. anyways, so this one mentions how he often did work off of suggestions from friends. in a way, quite a bit of his art was an interpretation of someone else's suggestion. i feel like he did that because he wanted to make art that people liked & to be liked. it makes me wonder how many people are creating things based on those factors. i didn't realize how many artists didn't like his work either. that was weird. his work was highly criticized by a large audience that was still into abstract expressionism.

his life was so intense. and just watching it made me really uncomfortable. he just didn't seem very happy, but tried to be. i finished the film thinking i needed a break on biographies. so it's always good to move onto watching something lighthearted to get you out of bummertown. so i moved onto Jurassic Fight Club (which should be a remake of Fight Club with dinosaurs, i know. i was disappointed to discover it wasn't too). though still amazing because the History channel animates what they concluded happened at dinosaur fights based on their findings. what's funny is a lot of it is guessing. they're educated guesses, but guesses all the same. no one knows exactly how a fight would be. unless someone's holding out on us on being alive since the jurassic period. oh you know what, it was probably elvis. sorry to question your dino DNA findings. :D elvis...such a rascal