records for everyone

i think half of my thought process is remembering & processing details from the day. that may explain why my dreams are so vivid. I have a feeling my brain just reinterprets my day and reconfigures it into a new sequence.

Last night i had a dream i was living in the 70s. Everywhere i went people carried records with them like we do ipods. we spent a lot of time climbing these huge stairs and looking down on the city below. i remember feeling afraid i would fall, but knew if i just moved quickly i could reach the top. i feel like each day i'm discovering life is so much deeper than i ever imagined. i wonder about all the symbolism & patterns that happen every day. I think about where i've been & wonder about where life is headed. i'm really happy now, but i feel like there's not enough time to do the things i love to do. Time is moving too quickly & i seem to make entirely too many excuses for not doing the things i want to do.

i love the idea of living without fear, regret and hesitation. i know caution is good at times, but i would love to eliminate fear from the whole thought process. it seems to prevent a lot of good things from happening. I've been thinking, if my dreams are functioning as a way for my brain to process & configure thoughts...there might be something to seeing if they can bring some sort of clarity to the nonsense of my daily life :)