this is halloween

oooeee, my mom sent me candy in the mail. best surprise all day!

i've been working on my halloween costume the past couple days. making handmade scissorhands is more challenging than i expected. Especially when you're teaming up against two kitten-thieves that don't respond to the word "no."

i'm so excited though. love, love, love halloween. i'll probably post a photo when the hands are finished.

this is my inspiration - tim burton is so amazing:

i'm really unsure where my halloween costume ideas originated from. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. For 2 or 3 years I was Zorro (including penciled 'stache, hat, cape, and mask). I made sure everyone knew i was SeƱor Zorro from the old Spanish version - not the English one. I insisted it was the one true Zoro & to keep the two straight. :/

2. One year entirely silver, when my dad helped me make a computer/robot costume (my face was silver). I thought i was hilarious actually doing the robot. You guuuys, i'm doing the meeee

3. When i was about 5 or 6 i was a "Hobo" - which ended up looking like some post-college grad including a backwards trucker hat, plaid shirt, stubble & a beer-belly made with a pillow. Oh and a black tooth. bet that was a moment of pride for my parents taking us door to door. yes, that's our daughter in front there - with the beer-belly

this ended up being my costume: