if i was fireworks

people are soOo weird! i've been thinking about how we interpret situations differently. This, and how you & I can both have the same experience, but come up with compleeeetely different conclusions. How much of our viewpoint is guided by our own life experiences? does the combination of our life experiences & personality types cause us to behave the way we do? am i forgetting something? uhhh probably. what's up, this is tangent city...blah blah blaaaa... enjoy our town

 it's interesting thinking about how the friends that we get along with best are so different from us. there are similarities in interests, of course, but with our beeest of friends the differences don't seem like a negative thing all the time. There could be some attributes you don't have, but they do - or vice verse. so interesting & cool. i love that about how people work. it also creates a lot of mystery about people...how do they do it? i like that.

well, i think my brain has a limited attention span. it's usually onto another thing once i start talking about one thing.

aaaw, the color in this photo is super pretty. i think this is what i feel like today.