there are so many great things around these days. i really hesitate calling out any favorites in just about every category. maybe it's because it feels like thoughts & opinions are constantly shaping themselves. I'm not sure why this is.

for as long as i can remember, i have thought this way. Equal representation/opportunity was given to the stuffed bears in my room as a kid. As an adult now, i see it the heavy rotation of albums in my stereo. i imagine i just don't want to spoil that moment of 'awesome.' you know that moment you're sitting & listening to that amazing song. And you think 'ohhhh-ho, this is the JAM my friend!" and you may even say it out loud because you believe it that much. ha! that moment is so good. then next time will always be slightly different. so i like to space those moments out so the next one is just as sweet. if it's your favorite song & you listen to it over and over...does it change the impact of that song?

also i think the moment you classify something as being your favorite it is then tied to you somehow because you're kind of claiming it. do those things you claim then define you? i don't think i want that. i think instead of by interests, i want to be defined by the things i do & what i believe. i'm not sure if that makes sense, but the tunes.

dan auerbach = the man. everything he's involved w/ is golden. so's this video, literally. :D he can play on my stereo every day & i think i'd be happy