more than this

how awesome is it that someone else's words, written for a song, have the ability to connect w/ the person listening to it. and then that new interpretation of the song can mean something totally different that what the words were intended to be. i can't even count the times i've personalized someone else's lyrics. it makes me wonder about how similar we all are. just when i thought we were soOo different from each other - ha. i really appreciate the songwriters that have the ability to put so much of themselves into their words. especially when a song is written so simply that it allows for people to receive it in a way that they can identify with.

i think artwork can do that too. Instead of identifying yourself with the words of a song, a work of art can leave you with a feeling you know. sometimes i notice how images can almost give a voice to everything that's on my mind & heart. Here are a few personalized photos. like a poem, only it's written in light instead of w/ words

photos by adam revington, john simmerman, & alexander kostinsky