on the flip side

It's so cool how things can become something entirely different when you see it from another perspective. I wonder if we become better people when we're out of the comfort zones - finding ourselves experiencing something we aren't familiar with & seeing the beauty in it in a new way. Whether it's a different experience in a place you've been before, or just seeing something in a new light the whole concept of beauty can be so different from another point of view. It's fascinating to me when someone finds value in something that i don't necessarily see at first. Or those times when learning what someone else loves can cause you to then value things more. That, my friend, is the best feeling ever.

There's a strange magnetism that draws us to the things we like. It's definitely challenging to see past the OG feeling that attaches you to those things you know. But when you are somehow made conscious of more than what you know, i think it can allow you to appreciate even more than you would expect. Those kind of things make you feel really small in the world - which i think is great