i was thinking

everything around us moves so quickly. i love that there is so much information around us. it's so exciting to constantly be learning something new. There are times though, that the speed of things can become overwhelming. And i think this makes it difficult to truly see things because there is so much going on around us. I've been trying to find out where i fit in these days. And lately, i've seen things similar to the way one watches a playground merry-go-round, waiting to jump on. since it's already moving, you have to waiting for your time to jump...if you get your timing off, you can end up eating dirt. so before you do find your place, your adrenaline can be sky-high at the risk of not getting things quite right. I guess i don't really worry about the future, but i analyze the process of things too much.

so i guess, as important as keeping up w/ the speed of life is...i'm finding out now how important it is to slow down & just enjoy what's going on in the present. the world will always be moving forward, and we'll catch up at some point. no worries on how long it takes cause we'll get to where we need to be just fine, i promise.

GAUNTLET HAIR - I WAS THINKING from ( . )( . ) on Vimeo.

kicking off the weekend with a fresh summer jam. yes, this video is craze