Making Time

Jack White make guitar from GorWo4ek on Vimeo.

Jack White is the man.

My dad is pretty much the greatest creative genius i know. I remember dad pulling the truck over by the side of the road various times to pick up something that had potential to be something great. I was always really excited to see what he would put together. Often when he was building something I would pretend I could do the same. One summer he built a patio cover. My job was pretty much clean up crew - picking up scraps of wood that weren't needed.

At some point, I had collected a huge stack of wood pieces and decided it was time to make something of my own. I spent quite a while that afternoon nailing it together & making sure everything fit together perfectly. I don't think anyone realized the irony of creating a heavy wood race car w/ triangular wheels that couldn't move. But the idea of it kinda kills me now. Especially since it ended up looking a lot like the car from Back to the Future.