Young Hearts Spark Fire

I tagged along w/ my parents when they went dancing this weekend. Seeing them dancing & smiling was hands-down the cutest thing i've ever seen. It's strange going home as an adult & feeling the nostalgia of being in the house you grew up in. Everything is so familiar but since time has passed, the familiarity seems slightly lessened.

When I was at this country bar watching people dance i remembered a similar moment as a kid watching all the adults drinking beer & laughing at the bowling alley. bowling night brought a bunch of my family's friends out to the seedy part of town for a healthy dose of 2nd-hand smoke & raper-looking dudes. Most of the kids (myself included) would spend most of our time getting into some sort of trouble. Hide & Seek between lanes & the bar...or rolling bowling balls down the carpet area where people walked. This was all fun until we were greeted by the firm hand of the law - which looked a lot like the scariest grandma we had ever seen & so feared for our lives. the rest of the time i spent in the arcade playing pinball & Mortal Kombat - which i tooootally ruled at. Those nights at the bowling alley i remember watching our parents act like we did. It really hit me then that our parents were just grown up kids. I think now it feels so weird thinking about how we carry our youth with us as we get older. It's not like those experiences go away. They're with us forever. So how can we not act like kids when we're adults? It's a lot better than worrying about dying, right? yea, i thought so too