you were a lion

weekends have held their weight for years & just might be the best part of the week. there is always something so exciting to do on the weekend. or maybe anything would seem awesome after being trapped inside at school/work all week. But omg, the feeling of freedom that comes with the rise of the sun on saturday morning - it's like no other feeling. When I was super young, i could barely sleep on Friday nights knowing what was in store for us the next morning.

This was a typical saturday in Paganini house in the late 80s:

1. Fill brains with endless cartoons. well, endless until some point mom comes by & turns off the tv. this is the starter pistol to saturday madness.

2. Dump out Aaron's entire box of Leggos all over the floor & build something awesome. If Aaron was around we'd make demolition cars & have a competitive launch off the top of the gigantic staircase onto the tile floor at the below. His cars usually won because he built them small & compact. I built them huge & they would smash all over the floor. Both of us agreed, i received an honorable mention because it created such a dramatic display of blocks all over the floor below us. This may or may not be the reason for various broken tiles (sry dad). Most of the time, this led to sleeping bag races down the stairs. this was also a death wish seeing as you reach warp speeds on the descent - your eternal doom met on impact you discovered at the finish line.

3. Blast the Rescuer's soundtrack vinyl on the turntable. Impeccable taste. Disney or nothin.

4. Chill on the floor jamming out on disney's finest & pull out every single photo album we owned. then flip through 'em till they're busted (sry mom).

5. Extreme gymnastics over a pile of pillows and/or seat cushions. This was the best way to practice flying. Flips are highly encouraged.

6. Go outside & make a Double Dare obstacle course. This was only for the brave. obstacle courses were really..really dangerous. it ended up looking a lot like a bunch of kids rolling around on the lawn, jumping over "recycled" wood that was full of nails, and jumping into buckets of water.

best saturdays...ever.