against all odds

for every decent competition it seems there are at least a few that root for the "underdog." it makes me wonder why one would do that when all odds are against that person least likely to succeed. i think i'm pretty optimistic about people in general. I love to see people succeed & win. i don't think i always root for an unlikely winner - but there are some moments it's impossible not to. i mean, i deeeefinitely want to be right all the time & loooove to win :D

the times i end up supporting the "other guy" tends to be based less on their status, and more on a respect for the effort they put into the win. i love when a person believes in what they're doing & then follows through a vision, seeing it through to completion. Cause any db can win a competition. it feels like the guy that worked for it the most almost deserves the win more. maybe it all comes down to the idea of justice. it would be so nice if every game ended with a champion that deserved the win.

for me, life's about the progress & experience. in those cases where a guy follows a passion, a win is kind of irrelevant.