slip into the sea

I really like the idea of feeling as if you fall in love with the things seen around you. vision has got to be pretty weighty. why else would we need our dreams to unravel the things we process when we sleep. we really are so lucky to have so many cool things. how it doesn't stop at those things just existing - we can then become active participants in the day, witnessing it and also are presented with the opportunity to be involved, to relate and react to it. that's got to create some sort of a visual domino effect too, right? who knows, you may even create a moment for someone else

with the start of the new year, there seems to be a restored feeling of hope that we carry - a feeling we can get the things right that somehow found disorder along the way. in some ways it is a gamble...there's no real guarantee things will get better, in fact, our efforts may be in vain. regardless, i think it's far better to go for it & try for it than to wonder what could have been. so here's to new beginnings - and may this year be much better than the last