like the wind

we flew kites for katie's birthday. battling the wind proved to be a task.
i had to macgyver some sort of a fix for my kite string which cause my kite to only fly in really fast circles. it was really scary - but definitely a fun afternoon.

the wind seemed really familiar. almost the same kind of wind i remember as a kid. On the most windy days we would test our fates leaning all of our weight against the wind to see if it would hold us. i was convinced if i held my umbrella at the right angle, it would lift me like a kite. all the while we dodged tumbleweeds rolling down the street and pretended we weren't in the middle of our track homes. instead of dodging the rolling tumbleweeds, i remember trying to jump over them. in theory this is great, but when you're really small you most likely won't clear a tumbleweed that's your height. that didn't really stop me from trying