i was just a number

I feel really lucky to have grown up in a house that encouraged creativity. What i remember most is how my dad taught us to see the potential in something in an unconventional way. His brain was always thinking of various possibilities for objects & space. We didn't always understand what he was doing in the process (mostly because it looked like an insane mess). but at its completion, everything became really cohesive & awesome. That whole idea of transition still really impacts me. Now, when i see things people have left on the side of the road i laugh thinking about my dad's projects. Idk how many times he stopped to pick something up to throw in the back of his truck. years ago i found a globe lamp & a gigantic framed wall map. they were both in need of work, but in the end they became really awesome pieces. i think when i found those things i realized the value in the way my dad saw things with a vision.

in the same way i think i like to do that with people too in seeing their potential. i do that mostly because i would want someone to see the good in me as well. i know for sure we're always changing. that whole process is so messy & it can be almost impossible to see change in progress. it's one of those things that takes a lot of time & patience. i will always believe that a person is capable of change for the better - that's what i hope for. just like the "treasures" my dad would see in the things people threw away.

you are the life

i've been thinking if it's possible to approach situations from both an idealistic & realistic perspective. going too far either way can be dangerous. an extreme optimist, unfortunately, seems crazy and unaware of reality. the pessimist doesn't seem to possess the ability to facilitate growth & change. how do we live somewhere in the middle. to live & hope for the absolute best, imagining greatness but then also being flexible. watching to see how things work themselves out seems to be a good way to go about it. i'm realizing viewing things this way really takes a lot of wisdom & maturity - yikes

holy geez...this was probably one of my most favorite shows ever.