sleep-walking & sleep-talking

I used to talk a lot in my sleep when I was a kid. It actually started with yelling. My parents figured it was due to a combination of my imagination & tv. At some point I did stop screaming, but i think it's just because i grew out of it.

My grandma came to visit at Christmas time when I was small. She slept in my room in between something like 500 stuffed bears. She told me once one night she woke up & noticed I was talking in my sleep about so-and-so, chillin, looking out the window like it was normal. Anyways, from that point on, i was convinced I could have legitimate conversations in my sleep. I even tried to get my friends to ask me questions about life mysteries - just in case my subconscious could answer them better. This theory was never proven.



"I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours"