two colors in my head

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected..."

Are thoughts ever really lucid for long? most of the time i feel like my thoughts are mostly in progress with only moments of clarity. even if there is a clear moment, it seems that my brain will move onto the next idea before any real conclusions can be drawn. i wonder if our subconscious keeps our most clear thoughts hidden. i have a feeling in our sleep this is where we can find some sort of clarity.

My dreams are mostly nonsensical & chaotic. At the same time, it's so strange that dream life seems so clear when you're sleeping. Your newly acquired ability to fly & breathe fire...makes complete sense because you make it valid with your own dream logic. (that was from some dream where i was a dragon btw - which was prrrretty bad ass). how strange your brain has to almost shut down to be able to process your subconscious.

when awake, i find i have to consciously tell myself to focus when i notice my mind wandering. I wonder if you even need a game plan for your mind in order to find order for your thoughts. It kind of makes sense to get those kinds of things set so you can find direction & then finally some clarity for your mind. Maybe i'm wrong though...maybe the future will be what it will be, and you just have to find joy in the moment. Maybe things aren't supposed to be completely clear anyways....maybe life will always continue to unfold new mysteries about everything.

so heavy


words can be soooo heavy. it seems crazy that some are virtually weightless but then others can carry a ton of weight & they change everything. so basically, words can be so heavy that it's like getting punched in the face by letters. that can happen in a good way too though - and you won't forget ever.